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15 Jul 2020

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Legendary Female Musician, Abrewa Nana Calls For Love Whiles Alive 

The legendary rapper and songwriter Dorcas Opoku Darkwa known professionally as Abrewa Nana in the music industry has taken to her timeline through a poem which talks about love whiles alive.

The erstwhile 2002 popular song of the year and female vocalist winner has called for love, the gifts, flowers, praises as she is alive and won’t enjoy these kind of love and emotion when gone or dead. She further noted that, the industry should look for her and not to wait till she is dead before they come saying good stuffs about her.

This is what she posted
“This poem is beyond all human relationships,but made for us all.

*When I’m dead,your tears will flow,but I won’t know,so cry with me now instead!​

*​You will send flowers,but I won’t see so snd them now instead!​ *You’ll say words of praise,but I won’t hear.Praise me now instead! ​

*​You’ll forget my faults,but I won’t know.Forget them now, instead!​

*​You’ll miss me then,but I won’t feel it.Miss me now, instead​.

*You’ll wish you could have spent more time with me,Spend it now instead!​

When you hear I’m gone,you’ll find your way to my house to pay condolence,but we haven’t even spoken in years.Please look for me now!!! Families,friends,colleagues,
fans acquaintance and well wishers.

Abrewa Nana at the moment is signed onto Alordia Entertainment and is entitled to three studio recorded album, 2000 Sagoa, African Girl 2002 and Maba 2004. She got to the limelight through a collaboration with Sass Squad. Abrewa Nana is a dancer and famous for her chronography videos which got her famous. She shared same stage with Akon, 2Face Idibia (Now 2Baba) and Tony Tetulla. She once become the judge for West Africa Idol.
She is our legendary female artiste we must celebrate.

Abrewa Nana has a new reggae song which features West side Ayesem title Jah Dey Everywhere.


[Written by: Tumtum Pkay Arthur]

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