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If Dating Is All About Money, Then Your Money Is Not Enough – Dez Kobby 

Life has been structured in so many ways with the aim of everyone making money, forgetting that money can’t do everything. A man keeps on struggling to make “ends meet” and makes sure he get money to satisfy his lady in a relationship. Everyone and his or her aim in this life. However, some men’s daily bread is another men’s monthly bread. Is there any specific amount that requires to get before dating?

Buying luxurious cars and living in a big mansion of course makes you gain respect, love, etc. But it is hardly to recognized those who truly loves you. Generally, some friends and families can make you feel that you are the best of all time when you have the money. Their compliments can even uplift you from ground floor to the second floor, without ascending the stairs. Meanwhile, some will disperse when the money starts depreciating or when you find yourself in a critical condition.

Based on my perspective and experiences i have had in life, the word ‘love’ to me in a relationship is a gradual process. It’s not stable for which we can see or touch. It’s on the lips of many but only the heart can truly define the best definition of love. Any man who approaches a lady for the first time trying to expatiate the love he has for a lady is not love, but it’s rather a ‘lust’.

However, the beauty of a lady can make a man locomote from one place to the other, regardless the distance and the environment. The truth about dating a lady is not all about money. Have you ever thought about those who have all the resources but still can’t find true love ? The moment your heart starts breaking without you realizing is when you think dating a lady is all about money. The fact is that, if you are in a relationship and the lady demands money from you everyday, then she doesn’t love you. Either she has found a true love elsewhere or she needs you to help her finish her course. If a lady loves and understands you, she’ll not be asking you for money. She will be anticipating you to surprise her when you have it.

If you marry her, it’s the duty of you as the man to provide all the basic needs and the lady also to play her role of doing the household chores. It’s even good as a man to cook at home sometimes since you are the breadwinner. The secret is that, It makes the lady respect you more and becomes nervous whenever she fails to cook, because she knows you can even do it better.

The only way to make a lady fall in love without her knowledge is to make her laugh everyday.
Love is not all about something. It constitutes communication, understanding, affection, and the last is money. It goes in order. If you starts spending too much money at the beginning, you might think you are really doing all your best to make her feel better and not to date any other guy. You are rather messing up.

Follow the procedure and thank me later.

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  1. AffiliateLabz

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. cbd

    There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this issue.
    I love all of the points you made.

    1. Dez Kobby

      Thank you!

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