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EXCLUSIVE: Italian-Based Ghanaian Dies Of Coronavirus 

There’s a fatal history behind the claim that African Americans are more resistant to diseases like Covid-19 or yellow fever.

However, in the past two days alone, two African-American NBA basketball players have tested positive for coronavirus, and several cases puncturing any theory that black people are immune to the disease. Yet the memes persist.

The fatal history as mentioned earlier is prevalent in Africa especially among Ghanaians as the majority are of the view that Blacks can’t be killed with the deadly coronavirus.

But reliable information The BBC Ghana is picking from grounds has it that one Italian-based Ghanaian has lost his life as a result of coronavirus.

So, if this is anything to buy, then all blacks are not safe especially Africans not excluding Ghanaians, therefore, let’s all heed to directives by health experts to stay safe.

Check out the post below;

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