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15 Jul 2020

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Def Kweku x Sablar – Go Hard 

The young versatile rapper, “Def Kweku” who recently released his ‘EP’ (Extended Play) titled “Digital World” which he featured Amakyetherapper, and the season two winner of MTNHitmaker, Koo Ntakra, was also featured on the EP and other artistes. In the month of February, he released a classic love tune, titled “LVN” which even got some of the mainstream artistes talking about.

Since a dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work to previl, by overcoming all the challenges. These two young emerging artistes, “Def Kweku” and “Sablar” in collaboration on this new track, titled, “Go Hard.” This is marvelous track which is full of inspirations to keep you going not to anticipate someone to help you before you can do something better.

A great inspiration track which millions of people will be touched, due to the “COVID-19” current situation the world is facing now. However, most people are facing hardship because of the pandemic that has affected the world’s economy and many people are indoors in order not to contract the “corona virus” Meanwhile, the money is stacked and those rich men out there are being stingy to help, so you have to go so hard to make “ends meet”

Grinding all the day to hit the mainstream as an artiste, meanwhile, many people doesn’t know how you started, where you started, and what you are going through since you started. Imagine you are sleeping in the darkness like you are blind, waiting for the sun to rise to work your fingers to the bone because money cannot get to you and people are also criticizing you here and there.

Generally, It is disheartening when people make ‘sugar’ promises to extend a helping hand to support you financially, but that promises turns out to be something else. Money is a strange business. People who haven’t got it, aim it strongly and those who have it hardly give some to those who doesn’t have. Check the track out and feel the vibes. It was Produced by @narcoverrabeatz, mixed by @checheafrica
and was mastered by @joker_nharnah1

Enjoy the track and share your thoughts!

Def Kweku x Sablar – Go Hard

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